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admin Approved & Recommended File Hosts

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We regularly review files hosts used on the forum by our members to ensure they meet the high performance standards we expect, and that they fully comply with our Community Rules.

Below is a list of approved, and recommended file hosts that have been vetted by the staff of NudoLeaks. These are hosts we trust and recommend for all members to use on the forum. Members may be permitted to use hosts not on this list, providing they comply with our Community rules, but any host not on this list may be subject to being banned on the forum in the future if the user experience provided by the host falls below our standards.

We encourage our members to make use of these file hosts in order to provide the best user experience for all visitors to the forum. Please note that some hosts may require account registration for use, or in order to receive the best experience both as a viewer, and an uploader.

Tier 1 Hosts

Tier 1 hosts are the popular ones seen on the forum, and provide the best possible user experience.
A high quality image host supporting jpg, png, bmp, gif and webp images. Fully integrated into the forum via the "Upload images" button for a seamless user experience.




Tier 2 Hosts

Tier 2 hosts are hosts we have approved, which may not be quite as popular on the forum.

WeTransfer (Note: Files expire after 7 days, we recommend also using as a temporary alternative host and not a main host)




Yandex Disk




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