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Hey all,

My alter name is Kra Shcaon, new member for a couple of days now.

My old hangout forum has shutdown, so I was searching for a new place to hang when I came across NudoLeaks.

I like it here! Good.. Good content.
I have paid for a Gold Tier, to check out more of the possibilities NudoLeaks has to offer before I go all out spending Bitcoins. But a few days in after payment, I never got a Gold Tier!? Maybe there might be something that I didn't see or do what is keeping me from becoming Gold?

Oh, well... I'll be here for a while longer, else I will continue my search elsewhere. There are two threads I posted already (really was hoping that did the trick) with some petite young lady's. One of them is on me, free to access for a limited time only. And leave a like or reply as a thank you! So, click here for my giveaway thread when it is still open!!!12.jpg


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