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admin 10.000 Members - A day to remember

by Rakano -

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today we passed the magical number of 10.000 Members. Beside 100k Members this is probably the most exciting milestone a forum can achieve.

Our journey started in June 2021 together with Perilous and a vision to establish a Leaking forum in the scene. I'm not gonna lie, there were doubts and moments of frustration. But motivation kept us going and there have been far more moments of joy since then.

Today, on the 23th of September 2021, we passed 10.000 Members and I couldn't ask for a better community.
Ever single member that contributes, keeps giving us feedback or just hangs out our shoutbox is a huge part of our success and the reason why is such a great forum! Without you we would be nothing but an empty forum.

I also want to drop a huge shoutout to every staff member of and every retired staff member as well. The work and dedication everyone of you is putting in is an example and a huge motivation for me. I couldn't have done all that alone and everyone of you fulfils an important role. Thank you!

Last but not least: We are just getting started :)

Much love, Staff Team


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